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 Corporate event Massage in Los Angeles can be a great stress reducer for people facing deadlines, job uncertainty and the stress of competing in a global economy. Few people turn down a table massage. The schedules for massage at our corporate massage sites fill up quickly. And our corporate clients use table massage benefits as an incentive when hiring new staff.   We can help your company reap the benefits of a professional massage therapy program.    Price Starting from $210

• Increase employee retention–Who wants to leave a company that provides staff with massages!

• Improve productivity–People in pain are less productive. Massage helps reduce staff muscle pain and stress.

• Enhance corporate culture–Companies that give their staff massages are more ell regarded by employees.

 • Decrease absenteeism–Who wants to be sick on massage day

• Improve job satisfaction–Employees that are less stressed report greater job satisfaction.

• Help attract high-quality candidates–Tout your Working Well massage program in interviews with potential new hires.

• Provide a great reward and incentive–Top performers feel an immediate reward for their hard work when they get a massage.

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